It only takes a few simple words to get a freelance client to double your rate. Know what they are?

Knowing you need to negotiate is only half the battle. But how do you actually do it?

I've put together a quick report for you, in which I share 11 phrases that l've used when negotiating with editors and clients. Phrases that have routinely doubled my freelance rate.

They offer me a rate over email. I email them back using one of these phrases.

Often, they come back with a counter-offer or a straight-up yes.

It's that easy and that simple.

I make more money for having used a few strategically placed phrases.

Want me to share those with you?

"Listen to Natasha. She knows what she's talking about! I was skeptical about the idea that someone would double my rate just because I asked, but I did what Natasha said--and it WORKED!"

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Where should I send your report?

These 11 phrases have frequently helped me double my rate per assignment. Use them to put more money in your pocket too!

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