Pitches that sold to TIME, The New York Times, Ms., GlobalPost, and more...

When I started my career as a 19-year-old from New Delhi, India, my biggest problem was getting editors to trust me with that first assignment.

No editor was about to take a chance on me unless she saw writing ability, unique ideas, and dependability.

A lot relied on the pitches I wrote. So I wrote the very best.

And now I'm sharing some of them with you!

For anyone wanting to live and work as a freelance writer, this woman—Natasha Khullar Relph—is seriously damn helpful. Since I did her course last year I’ve written for Aeon, Discover, BBC Wildlife (and was interviewed by NPR in the US) and am now working on stories for Wired, GOOD and (maybe) Marie Claire. It’s full-on and intense and she takes no shit—nor excuses!! But it works…"

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